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Thank you for requesting a confidential clinic screening from Wave Men’s Health for our Menspro MAX™ Procedure For Penile Girth Enhancement.

What To Expect:

  • You will speak with a Menspro MAX™ Specialist from Wave Men’s Health to discuss the procedure and ensure your questions are answered completely.
  • Given the significance of this procedure, our Menspro MAX™ Specialist will outline the costs associated and you will be required to submit a 50% deposit before scheduling an appointment.
  • Once payment is received, you will have the opportunity to schedule and confirm your appointment based on your schedule and the availability of our medical staff (Note: We have limited times available each week)
  • Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive follow-up documents and information for you to review and complete prior to your procedure date.
  • You are all set!  Make sure you arrive at our Pensacola Clinic 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment and you will have a direct line to our Menspro™ Clinic Team if you have any questions prior to your procedure.

Wave Men's Health of Pensacola

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  • (Closed Sat & Sun)
  • Walk-ins Welcome

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